Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Season

Ward Christmas Party

I figured I should do one more photo dump from my phone before the Christmas festivities begin...

Our ward Christmas party was a hit this year.
The Kids Making bird Seed wreaths for Mac's teachers

Me and my Shadow

Southern Lights with the Hills

You would think Mac would love feeding animals but he's terrified. We made him feed the wallaby.

We started potty training Annie for the mere fact she would not wear a diaper. She now will wear a diaper and go to the bathroom on the toilette so we will start the real potty training after Christmas
It Snowed!

We made Gingerbread houses

The little sneak opening a Christmas book.
Dinner with Friends

The 21st on the way to work Drew slid on some ice and crashed into a tree.  Luckily he was not hurt at all but  his car was totaled.


Aunt Amy said...

Great pics! Poor Drew's car, all smashed up. Looks like a great pre-Christmas time, though! Miss you and love you all.