Wednesday, February 6, 2013



I've been working on a photo book for my grandpa Heaps. Sorting through pictures has made me feel all nostalgic. As I thought about what to write to my grandpa a flood of happy memories came back. Not just about my grandpa Heaps but about my grandma and my McAllister Grandparents as well. I'm thankful to have had the relationship with my grandparents that I did. They were and still are a huge part of my life. When I was in High school my parents took our family and both grandparents to Hawaii and we also did a trip back east with them and let me tell you, I have 2 very different set of grandparents!

 My grandpa and grandma McAllister are very musical, they constantly sang to us. They both have beautiful voices. If we were bored grandma would teach us a new song or grandpa would read us books. Most my memories of them are of playing card games or other bored games. They were very scheduled and organized, discipline people.They are and were very active. Up until my grandpa got really sick he was biking and walking miles a day. My grandma to this day walks 3 miles every morning. I loved going on hikes with grandpa, he knew so much about the trees, plants and had a love for birds. Many discussions were about politics and education. They valued education- my grandpa was an accounting professor at BYU and served as Orem's senator.

My Grandpa and grandma Heaps were and are relaxed. It took a lot for grandpa or grandma to get mad. It took being really bad for grandma to get grandpa mad. He loved and supportive my grandma in everything. He adored her, she was the best cook, house keeper, decorator and he let everyone know. They made a big deal of everything- birthdays, holidays, sporting events.  When we went over to their house I would hide away in my grandma's closet and bathroom, playing in her make up and scarves. Every time I left her house she would send me home with some makeup sample or nail polish.  They both made you feel comfortable and loved all the time. In fact most my friends called them grandma and grandpa too.

 Me and my Great Grandma Heaps- I inherited her beloved dimpled  chin.

 Me and Ry visiting grandma and grandpa Heaps in California
I feel blessed to grow up in the family I did. Things weren't perfect all the time- or any of the time but the things that mattered were taught and felt. While my grandparents were very different their values shaped who I am today. They were constantly bearing their testimonies of the truthfulness of the gospel by word and deed. They served in church and in community and changed people lives for the better and I from a young age was able to witness this.  I'm grateful to be sealed to them and that some day we will all be reunited. I'm grateful I still have my Grandpa Heaps and Gradma McAllister to influence me and my children. 


katie and beej said...

Ryan looks just like G! Weird...

Aunt Amy said...

Great post! You're as cute then as you are now.

Love you,

Kara said...

This is beautiful Ash. Thanks for sharing! That top picture of all four grandparents at the conference center has always been one of my favorites.

Rita said...

Such a sweet post - I'm glad you are working on something to make those memories come back. What a blessing!