Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nat';s visit

Nat's visit started out Rocky. She was suppose to land at 9:00 Thursday night but her flight from Cleveland kept getting delayed. Finally at 10:00 they cancelled her flight. So instead of waiting for the next flight (Friday morning) she got in a car with 2 strangers and drove to Lexington! Of course I did not sleep well and ended up meeting her out on new town pike at 4am to pick up my precious cargo:) it was great having her. We stayed inside for the most part cause of all the snow but had a great time and as always 3 days just wasn't enough! I met with mac's teacher and she said " Mac talks a lot about his aunt Nat. He really loves her" yes he does and so do we!


BLM said...

OH I love you all to the moon and back!!! Miss you guys everyday.

katie and beej said...

Too fun!! Glad she made it there safely.

Rita said...

Yikes! Driving from Cleveland all night with strangers? She's a brave girl!