Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The powells

 It's that time of the year. Friends start getting jobs other places, leaving us behind (do I sound sad? cause I am) it never gets easy. The big exudus that is happening reminded me that I haven't blogged about the powell's move. Wade got a new job back In November in Louisville. Lucky us, just a short 1.5 hours away. Nancy is the type that does a lot for people but hates attention on herself and hates surprise parties. So how do you say a proper good bye to someone like her? You throw a Christmas party that has a surprise theme:) The night was a lot of fun.

One thing I have been blessed with all my life is good friends. Friends that would do anything for me and I for them.  The powells lived here for 5 years. A lot happened in those five years. A lot of transition happened for me. I went from 1 to 2 kids and then 2 to 3 kids. Drew graduated from law school and started a very demanding job. He also got 2 very demanding callings in that time as well. Without sounding too dramatic but I'm not sure I could have gotten through all that without Nancy. Well, would have gotten through it but not happily. It's a blessing to have a friend that you can show up on their front porch with a colicky baby and just hand him over. Or a friend to eat with, run with and laugh with. There's a reason why Drew calls Nancy "Diana." We miss having ike over every day and we haven't found a friend that has replaced him yet but probably never will. Luckily they are still relatively close and we have been able to see them a couple of times.


Anonymous said...

Love you Ash!