Monday, March 11, 2013

Picture Dump

Ready for a random update? We have avoided the dreaded flu and basically all sickness this winter- knock on wood. We feel extremely blessed/ lucky. But last week the kids had 2 days that they were just tired and cuddly. We wore pjs all day and just laid around.
A couple of Sundays ago we came to bed to find that one of the kids had left the sink running and the sink plugged. Water was everywhere! Upside, I found my long lost retainers:)
On Presidents' Day we headed up to Louisville to spend the day with nancy and Ike. We miss them every day!
On Sunday Mac lost his first tooth!!!! He has been asking" when will i loose my tooth? Everyone has lost one but me!" So when we found a loose tooth he wiggled it like crazy. I went to check on it and put a little pressure on the front of the tooth and it popped right out! He was ecstatic!!!
Every Friday night is sleepover night. Which means setting beds up in the playroom or family room and watching a movie. This particular night we watched 'honey I shrunk the kids'
Last night drew and I went out for a date to Le douville, a French restaurant . I ate duck confit and drew had muscles. Delicious! After, we stopped by his office and I about died! His office was a complete disaster! Files everywhere! In his defense he is working on 30 cases right now. Most people work on 5 or 6 at a time. He's been super busy!
Annie is still following me around and kills us with her adorable questions. like "mom, is this yours? its do pretty!" All day long! Gray is having a blast with his little buddies who are moving in may:( Mac is loving school and basketball and is getting better at both. What can i say, life is good!


Aunt Amy said...

Life is good indeed! Drew's desk looks like a lawyer I used to work for. Bet he knows where everything is though. Love you all and looking forward to seeing you again,

Rita said...

Looks like fun - Miss you all!

Angela said...

Drew's desk looks very similar to someone else I know who also loves cajun food :)