Monday, May 13, 2013

Random pics

Here's all the random pictures.
- we love eating lunch with mAc but don't do it much because the kids get pretty crazy!
-"Waldo, where are you?!"
- Annie tried for a half an hour to roll down the hill. Finally, she gave up and crawled down.
- we are struggling with Annie's napping. I'm not ready for her to give them up but it's happening! If she ends up falling asleep it's after destroying her room or me laying with her for an hour.
-Tuesdays are just me and Annie time. I love having one on one time with her. I feel like I handle her enthusiasm a little better. She really would be a great only child.
- a couple of weeks ago we went to the BYU Idaho band concert. It was great!
-getting gray ready for kindergarten in a short 3 months!
- building a rocket for macs recycle project.
-left Annie for a minute and she cracked a dozen eggs.
- Mac is huge and growing crazy fast!
- Annie is so entertaining! She keeps us on our toes and a smile on Our faces!


Aunt Amy said...

My goodness they're growing so fast! And Gray can write his name already!!

Love you and miss you all,

Rita said...

Such beautiful children! Can't wait to see them -

Karrissa Winward said...

Love all the fun family pictures Ash!