Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Christmas time at the Millars

Having a baby around the holidays really made us slow down and stay home which was nice. We were able to spend real quality time as a family doing things we love. 

Grandma Rita made his for the kids. It's s mix between a play house and a quiet book. So much time and love went into this. 
She quickly learned that dad doesn't like help with his puzzles- haha

Christmas Eve bowling with friends. 

We now have enough people to play all the parts of the nativity. As we read the story of Jesus' birth it reminded us again why we celebrate Christmas. 

Ok that was exhausting! Cleaned, wrapped, baked all while drew put the kids to bed! I 

G's main present, a remote control helicopter. 
Macs- a hobbit Lego set 
And Annie with her kitchen 

Christmas morning breakfast. Homemade cinnamon roll, sausage and bacon, egg crescent sandwich. 
Later we went to the church to play with our new toys. 
Seriously this girl is obsessed! 

We had a lovely relaxing Christmas!!! 


Aunt Amy said...

I want to come to your house for breakfast! Yummy!! Looks like you had a great Christmas. Miss you all!!!