Saturday, January 31, 2009


This week was pretty uneventful...Well, not outside but inside the Millar home. From Monday to Thursday morning only Drew left the house. We were getting a little stir crazy to say the least. Today, since it was a toasty 27 degrees, we took Mac sledding for the first time and boy did he love it. Because we never experience this much snow, we were short on snow apparel. We found Mac a hat that he kept referring to as Curious George (George has one just like). Mac has gloves but they were MIA so we settled for a pair of mismatched socks. I know what you're thinking, couldn't you at least get him matching socks? Nope. Luckily some friends of ours gave us a pair of bright blue snow pants, so we did have that covered.

After every run Mac would say, "Sled again, again."

We ran into the McQuivey family toward the end.

Taking a quick break in the swing. The sun reflecting of the snow was blinding.
Geeg slept the entire time.


Roo said...

HOw fun. It looks too cold for me. :)

NanaBabs said...

That looks so fun! I hope you all survive the ice and cold!

Marissa said...

That looks so fun! I bet Jos would love sledding. I might have to find a big hill and take her next weekend if we still have snow!! (we need to get out of the house more, ya know!?)


your pictures are so cute. Greys hair makes him look so much older than my little guy.

Roo said...

Dear Mac and GG.
Hope you get better! It sounds like we are all barfing on our mom's and I don't think they like it.
Can't wait to see you.

jenni kaufusi said...

how cute looks like lots of fun!

Amber said...

Girl, you have mad picture taking skills! Thanks for the gentle reminder to blog. :) Hey, Surviver starts again this Thursday, we should get together like the good old days...but Sean has b-ball. :( Anyway, we'll play soon! Your boys are SO CUTE! PS, who cut your hair...your girl in UT? or have you ventured out? I love it and am thinking of going short again.