Sunday, March 8, 2009

Utah Trip

Another great visit to Utah has come and gone. About a month and half ago Drew and I found plane tickets for 120$ round trip to Utah. We couldn't pass them up so Drew packed us up and sent me and the boys off to visit family for 10 days. The flights were incredible. On the flights to Utah Mac was so excited to see his Grandpas he didn't sleep but was happy as could be. On the way home he slept the entire time while me and Gray played. It really couldn't have gone better.

We had great time with everyone. Mac of course ate up all the attention and still talks about the fast airplane that took him to his Grandpa. He truly loves his grandparents, aunts and uncles. They all spent so much time with us and made our trip a blast.

Gray and Colin

Katie and Emma. Me and my boys. Amy and Colin. They really don't like the group shots.
Gray loved Grandpa. G would start giggling the minute he saw him.
Mac loves Lucy. Everyday he would ask to see her.

Highlights of Utah:

Watching the boys play with their cousins.
Seeing the Draper Temple
shopping with my sisters
Watching countless movies
Laying around talking to random family members
Getting my hair done ( Thanks Roo)
Watching Mac play with his uncles and grandpas

We have the best family that put off their own lives when we come into town and spend every minute of their day entertaining. Thank you!!! We miss you already!

Oh and I have the best husband who made a huge sacrifice by sending us off for 10 days. Or was it really a break for him:)? Either way, I missed him and I love being home!

Enjoy all the posts...


Jaimee said...

Great pictures Ash--looks like a great time as always! Cute hair, cute kids, fun times! So fun you got to go skiing--I would love to go again someday soon--its been a long time for me too.

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures you took. Glad you're back though!!

luke & sammy said...

Oh I am jealous! That is so fun you got to go see your family! I love all the pictures, my favorite are the bucket pictures in your back yard! It is so fun that your kids are starting to get lots of cousins!

tara said...

your pics are awesome. glad you got to spend time with your fam. next time you're in the state, i'd like to see your lovely face.

Amber said...

Yeah for family visits! So fun! Glad you are back though...we need to play! Great cousins pics too!

Kate Gildea said...

Oh man, I wish I would have gotten to see you while you were here! Your boys are so so cute!

Jacklyn said...

Cute pics and I hear ya it's nice to have a husband who doesn't give you grief for leaving him and makes it so your actually excited to get back to him! And I love love love cousin pictures (even if I don't know yours) it's all about the memories!

Louder Family said...

I am so sad we missed you! Your little boys are precious! I finally was able to get on your blog..i dont know how but it just let me on! I have missed the miller updates! Love your fam...hopefully you can come again when the t-wolves go to state:]