Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saturday was a BUSY day

8:00am woke up made sausage and toast for breakfast. Mac asks for sausage everyday but Saturdays are the only days he gets it.

8:45 am Drew left for his last Serve the City meeting while me and the boys attempted to pick up our house and get ready for the day.

10:15 am Drew got home and took the boys Yard Saleing while I finished my hair.

10:45 am The boys picked me up and we went to Reforest the Bluegrass.
Every year this organization picks a place in Lexington to replant trees. This year they picked a spot on Saron and Clearwater which is just blocks away from our house. Our little family planted 7 trees.

We got free T-shirts, and ate way too much pizza, and donuts!
Mac made a pine cone bird feeder and a real bird house.
We were there until almost 1:00pm it was such a great morning and so well organized. It was great to do some service and have activities for the kids to do. 7,000 trees were planted in that area. We will definitely do this every year.

After the tree planting me and Mac went to How to Train Your Dragon. Mac loved the movie but was terrified the whole time. He sat kicking his legs nervously and saying "So scary" throughout the whole movie. When I asked him if he wanted to leave he said "NO!" After the movie was over he said "Lets watch it again!" Hiccup and Toothless was the topic of all his conversations for the rest of the weekend. It was great to have just me and Mac time outside of our house.
3:00 got home cleaned up the house. Woke up Dad and G and headed to Louisville to meet the Blood family for Thunder over Louisville. If you google #1 fireworks show in USA, Thunder comes up. Don't believe me? try it!

So we got hooked up. Blaine works in the PNC building and it so happens to have a great view of the fireworks. We set up camp in someone's vacant office and let the kids play. His firm also provided a buffet and games for all the lawyers and their friends.
They had face painters but Mac just wanted a squid on his hand. Who asks for a squid?
Waiting for the fireworks to start. The kids were CRAZY!

The fireworks show was pretty amazing. It consisted of two in sync barges and a bridge and it lasted for a whole half-an-hour. If you like fireworks you must go to Thunder!
Where we were we could really only see the bridge and one of the barges so you can imagine what it looked like with the other barge.
Thanks Bloods for the the great night! I'm pretty sure sitting on the grass with half a million people smoking and drinking wouldn't have been nearly as fun!

12:45 am home and in our beds.


Amber said...

I love the squid on Mac's hand! How funny!

Roo said...

What a fun day. I would like to see the thunder show one day!! looks fabulous. and i am glad you saw the Dragon show. one of my favorites.

NanaBabs said...

What a day! It looks like you had a wonderful time at everything you did. Miss you all!

Eric and Jenny said...

That's a whole lot of fun for one day, I bet your boys slept well that night.

Okay I am a read idiot when it comes to computers, Eric has to teach me everything. So I hope this makes sense. To make your pictures larger you just go into blogger on the top of your post on the right hand side go into edit html. Each picture has a height and width. If the default is set at height 400x and width 300x I change mine to height 600x and width 500 x. So basically I just add 200 to the width and heigth. Down a few lines from the width and heigth there is something that says s400, change that to s800. For some reason the picture turns out blurry if you don't change that as well. I am so sorry if this makes no sense, I am sure there is somebody else that could explain things a lot better, computers are not my thing.

jenni kaufusi said...

looks like you guys had so much fun. It looks so fun where you live and so beautiful. I cant wait til tay and i can visit.

Jaimee Blood said...

I don't know Ashlee...I think we have to TRY the lawn just one time (without children of course) because I know we would have some great stories to tell about Kentucky's finest citizens. Thanks again for coming with us! That was a busy day for you guys!