Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We are back

Last Wednesday we got back from a glorious 2 week trip to Utah and Jackson hole, Wyoming. It couldn't have gone better. We got to see friends and family and more family. I had forgotten how great Utah is in the summer. No bugs, no humidity, fresh peas and it cools down in the shade! Bad thing, I have a million pictures and some still coming and I have no idea where to start. So I wont, until I get all the pictures from our lovely family and friends (hint, hint).

Annie flew back to KY with me and is flying home tonight:( It's been great having her here again. We really missed her. This week we've laid around recouping from our vacation. Saturday we went to Mammoth cave, the longest cave in the world. 367 miles have been explored and they still haven't found an end. Crazy!!!
We went on 2 tours cause we didn't realize that the cave was in central time and not Eatsern like Lexington, so we had some time to deal with.

Tour #1 (took 1/2 hour)Boys ran around screaming "HI HO!" Thanks cousin Lucy!
This is what happens when you come out of a freezing cave into hot temps.
Tour #2 (took 2 hours)

going down the long, steap, sink hole.

Both boys were troopers. Mac walked the whole time and G was a little tired.

walking down to the drappery room
Bus ride to our car.


Roo said...

I love you Annie, do you want to visit me?!

Love the Pictures and so sorry about the HiHo singing. what can I say at least they aren't twirling like a princess. :)

You hair is so blonde and delightful. you are looking great Ash!

Anonymous said...

Mammoth caves is good fun. Glad everyones gone finally so we can hang out again! Ike is dying!

Rita said...

Wow, we miss you guys already! Lucky Annie -

Cheryl said...

I love Mammoth Cave. I think it's great that you got to go on two tours. Makes it worth the drive and you've seen more than most. We did the natural entrance only. I loved it.

Can't wait to see all your Utah pics. I know what you mean about not knowing where to start. I haven't blogged a Christmas in two years. Too many to choose from, so I don't even try.

Angela said...

Oooo! I really want to see Mammouth Caves. Looks like fun!

angela said...

Glad to see you went to the caves. I've been wondering if my girls are old enough or not. Apparently they are! Glad you had a good time in Utah. Also glad I'm not in charge of playgroup anymore!! :-)