Monday, September 27, 2010


This weekend we finally got to take our little family camping. I only have fond memories of camping, whether it was with my family visiting all the state parks or with Drew in a random church parking lot in Long Beach, California (that's camping, right?). I love camping. Drew on the other hand doesn't do too well with the camping thing. It usually takes him days to recover from the bad nights sleep, dang arthritis. But him being an amazing husband surprised me with some camping gear when I was having one of those emotional not so good days. The planning took off from there and we ended up here...

Cave Run Lake with the Noehren family.

We got there in time for the men to have little fun. They were so close to finishing the bridge across the lake:)
We got back to the camp site, ate dinner and welcomed the rain.
The rain was minimal and ended up keeping the heat and bugs away.

We roasted marshmallows and starburst (G's favorite)
Drew serenaded us

Boys played and played and finally fell asleep sometime around midnight.

Our boys slept in until 8:30am. Which was amazing and were still happy campers in the morning.
One more wrestling match before taking down the tent.
Our little camp site

Before we left we went down to the lake one more time. Gray stripped down and had a little too much fun.

The camping trip was a success. We had a blast! It was worth all the packing, unpacking and laundry! Thanks Noehren family for a great weekend and for most of the pictures!


Rita said...

What a fun time! You all look great, especially you Ash - are you really pregnant? We're sure looking forward to our upcoming visit!

KevDebKlan said...

Looks like fun. How did Drew feel after? We've never been to cave run. Looks pretty.

When is Grandam Rita coming? Lex would be devistated if she misses her. Looking forward to the game tomorrow.


Oh fun! Little guys love to camp especially near water. I love G in his diaper. so cute!