Sunday, April 7, 2013

DC day 1


The first day we went to the Natural History Museum. We loved it!


Annie threw one of the biggest tantrums in the museum. We took a breather and let her just play on the benches. One thing about annie is that she does not like to be contained. So being in a very crowded museum and not being able to run free about killed her. After the museum we let her run around on the grass and she was as happy as can be.


 For lunch Mj picked us up and took us to Good Stuff. It was delicious and so good to catch up with her.


 After Lunch Mj dropped us off at the Lincoln Memorial. 
On the way to Dc the boys watched Night at the Museum 2 so they both really wanted to see the Abraham Lincoln Statue. Gray specifically asked to get a picture in front of it and when I took it he asked "Did you get Abraham?"

 From the Lincoln Memorial we walked over to the Arlington Cemetery. This was a long walk to get to the cemetery and another long walk/ hike up to the tomb of the unknown soldier. The kids were done and we carried/pushed them most of the way. After that we called it a day.

  Monday night we drove into the city and saw the white house and the Washington memorial


Rita said...

It looks awesome!

Aunt Amy said...

What a fun trip! Miss you all