Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Easter

Drew found out a couple weeks ago that he had s deposition outside of Harrisburg, PA during mac's spring break. So we decided to all go and make a vacation out of it. The only bad thing was that we had to leave Easter morning. I love Easter and I love church on Easter Sunday. It's hard to get the whole spirit of Easter when you don't attend church but the deposition was Monday morning and we had a long drive a head of us. So this year Easter was a little rushed which wasn't my favorite but we didn't have much of a choice. We woke up the kids got them ready for church and let them loose to find the eggs, took a couple of pictures and rushed them into a fully packed car. Then rushed to church, partook of the sacrament and then got on the road and headed towards West Virginia.

The drive was long. The boys did great, very few complaints but Annie wasn't happy and slept only 30 min of the 8 hour drive. We stopped 2 times trying to break up the trip. Annie was happiest when she got the wipes and cleaned herself and the car seat.


Rita said...

Those kids are getting so big! They'll be taller than Grandma way too soon-