Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I think it's important to mention some of the hard things that go on in our family. it's  those times we see Gods hand in our lives most. Drew has ankylosing  spondylitis it's kind of like rumortoid arthritis. It causes fusing in the joints, targeting the spin. Drew has it mostly in his knees, hips, ankles and shoulders. He gets his medicine infused every month- there are not so great side effects but the good out weighs the bad. After drews hip replacement last year. His right knee started having more problems- which is common. So he got a knee surgery last September but it really messed up his right hip. His right hip and knee continued going down hill fast. His knee wasn't able to heal because his hip was so bad. October was a rough month for us especially for drew. Most days the pain was 9 out of 10 so he wasn't sleeping at night either. He worked from home most days. The doctors  felt like it was time to replace his hip, his knee would not get better without a hip replacement. Because of his procedures and surgery the earliest they could get him in was the end of December. This was hard to hear- 2 more months of this pain. I hate to admit but I wasn't handling things well either. It was hard to see drew in so much pain and doing everything myself, I missed the help and I felt guilty feeling these feelings especially since drew was still happy, not letting the pain make him angry. I felt helpless watching him. Our neighbor is a nutritionalist and had incouraged us to put drew on a gluten free diet. Study's have shown gluten can cause inflammation. We were desperate so I started cooking gluten free and drew had a good attitude. Halloween night drew drove to get a movie. On his way home he got in a car accident and totaled his car. Both cars were totaled  and no one was hurt- thankfully! This was the tip of the iceberg. The next morning was a Sunday. He woke up early for a church meeting and after got a blessing from president Krebs. In the blessing he said that drew would be able to get the things he needs to get done. The next night Our friend Brian came over to do some intense physical therapy. By the end of the week drew was walking with a little limp and was in considerably  less pain. He was sleeping at night and was able to work all day. In fact he hadn't felt this good in months! We witnessed huge blessings that week and continue seeing them. I know that prayers were answered. As of today (12-2) drew is doing great. 


Aunt Amy said...

I hope this latest surgery helps. So sad to see someone you love hurting. And even sadder to be the one who's hurting!

Love you all,