Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Walt is 1

The fastest year of my life! Walt is 1!!! Oh how we love our little Wally. Walt is our little shy flirt- gets someone's attention and then shyly smiles. The day after Walt  started crawling, I had left him in my room (down stairs) to go wake up Annie. Came out of Annie's room (upstairs ) to find him sitting there! So he has mastered the stairs and walking along furniture. He loves animals and has no fear around them. Says "da dada" for everything especially when he sees his dad. Signs more and food and does the cutest "come here" with his hands. He's our champion eater and will eat everything- so different from a month before! One year stats ... Weighs 23.2 lbs 55% and 31.5" 90%. He's our little runt- haha


Annie said...

I feel like I don't even know him 😢. But he sure it a cutie! Can't wait til we get to see you guys again!

Aunt Amy said...

What a sweetheart! Miss you all!!